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This is what a lot of people hear when you mention anything about politics!  In fairness it’s what a lot of politicians and mainstream media channels are saying when they talk politics!

BOLOTICS will call out the bollocks, baloney and bullshit in politics and cut through the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

This is a platform for those of us who believe we need to challenge the status quo, and question inequalities and injustices in our world.  It’s a platform for the younger generation to find out what is affecting them and their future. It’s a place to come together, to inform, to communicate, to open minds, to interact and for ideas to flourish.


We stand for freedom of speech, equality regardless of gender, colour, sexual orientation, religion or class. We believe in free education and free health care for all.

We don’t have any time for sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, transphobia or hate!



About / CONTACT.

Has your bullshit detector reached its limit? If so, we want to hear from you.

Writers, bloggers, film makers, presenters, artists or anyone with a great idea and something to say…WE NEED YOU!

Writers / Bloggers:

Words are the bedrock of communication. If you’re writing about something that explores, uncovers, critiques or marvels society, then let’s collaborate and share your words. We are looking for honest, researched and incisive journalism. Send us a sample of your work (250-300 word guideline), or send us a link to your work.  We really want to read it.

Film Makers / Presenters / Reviewers:

Pictures are the language of times. If you’re making content that is honest and analytical, that open peoples eyes and broadens minds, then let’s collaborate. If you like to be behind the camera or in front of it, we can’t do this without you.

Artists / Musicians / Poets:

‘The Earth without Art is Eh!’ Art feeds the mind and the soul and this planet needs feeding. If you’re making art of any kind art that explores social political issues, let’s collaborate. We’d love to see and hear it, talk to you about it and put it out there.


When you look at the known universe and the planets we are aware of, our beautiful planet really is a precious jewel in space, and the animals and flora are what makes us shine. If you’re working to preserve the wonders of our planet and helping to educate and encourage harmony between man and Earth, let’s collaborate, let us be a platform for you.

Social Media Gurus:

If you like what BOLOTICS is about and feel you can champion its voice, thank you, we need you. Let’s collaborate, together we can make a difference.

If this sounds like your bag, contact us on the form below and tell us what you’re about. Send us links to your social media pages and to your works. We would appreciate your patience as we are a small team. We will come back to you.



About / CONTACT.
About / CONTACT.
About / CONTACT.

Just to be clear we’re not cynics! If we were we wouldn’t be doing this. But we do think and feel that the world is pretty fucked up and, as a human race, we need to change.

We live in a world that is rich in so many ways, but the riches and the wealth have been monopolised by the few at the expense of the many. With most of the mainstream media and many governments either owned, controlled, bribed or cohersed by these few and if we don’t stand together and stand up to this, it is going to get worse.

We will call out injustice and inequality, question agendas and doctrines and stand against things that do us harm or take away our spirit.

It’s all about the web, arguably the greatest invention of the 20th century. Here we have the ability to learn, communicate, share and discover. We are in danger of losing the ability to see and hear the truth.

Web neutrality and freedom is something to treasure and we should fight to keep it.

Some have never had it and the rest of us are losing the ability to see a secure, happy, prosperous future for ourselves.  There is enough to go around, we just need to recognise that and make it happen.


BOLOTICS is a place to mobilise and stand together to make a difference. Stand with us!the-mission

About / CONTACT.

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BOLOTICS is a non profit organisation. No staff or contributors are currently taking a remuneration for the works contributed to BOLOTICS.

However it is our desire for our staff and contributors to be rewarded fairly for the work they do and we are open to suggestions and advice on achieving this. At the same time we cannot be beholden to corporate ownership or controlled by shareholders interests, as this would be self defeatist and would undermine everything we’re saying and doing. If you think and feel you can support us on these terms we’d like to hear from you.

BOLOTICS is a growing platform, if you would like to advertise and grow with us we’d like to hear from you.

Any donations would be gratefully received, however in the spirit of honesty, transparency, and keeping an open source platform, we will publish all contributors under our disclaimer.