When the American Constitution was drawn up, America was not a particularly stable place. The land of the free was barely a land… Or particularly free. As America’s forefathers attempted to set up some form of government, they agreed on the key tenants to enforce as the law of the land. Seeing as there was a whole lotta’ fun with guns going on in the late 1700’s, it was decided that every American citizen had the right to bare arms, to protect themselves from the harsh realities of early America.

Fast forward nearly 250 years of democratic, scientific, philosophical and artistic advancement, it seems not a week goes by without American media reporting on some horrific shooting committed by someone who bought a gun down the shop when they picked up a loaf and pint of milk.

The arms trade is a breathtakingly lucrative business, so it comes as no shocker that the powers that be have consistently blocked any attempt at implementing any form of gun control in the US.

Watch here as Rupert Neate of The Guardian went to one of the many shooty shooty bang bang expo’s that rake in millions of dollars for the arms trade. And what happen’s when you bring up a recent mass shooting? Move along sir.