When it comes to education, since the dawn of time, women of all colours and ages have been oppressed by prejudice, racism and traditions by their government. They were left with little to no choice about their academic career, and things haven’t change much to this day.

Unfortunately, a father telling his daughter a woman’s future lies in finding a rich husband, having children, and taking care of the house is still prominent today. Many women are taught since a young age that beauty will get them a wholesome future and that education is a waste of time but that has to stop. And that’s what the First Lady is doing.

The #62MillionGirls initiative, the number of girls around the world who are not able to afford their education, by the Let Girls Learn campaign took place at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre in New York City on Sept. 29. Alongside Mrs Obama, the panel had the support of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Plan International advocate Nurfahada, actress and activists Charlize Theron and Sophia Bush, spoke to an audience of more than 1,000 girls in education.

But above all Michelle Obama, only the 3rd First Lady with a postgraduate degree out of 45 First Ladies, spoke passionately regarding female education, stating:

“For me, this is personal. When I think about those 62 million girls that aren’t in school, I think about myself. I think about my daughters; because quite frankly, all these girls, these are our girls. And I think about where I would be in my life if I didn’t work hard in school and have the opportunity to go to college and then on to law school, I wouldn’t be here. So I think it’s imperative and it is a part of my passion and my mission to make sure that every girl on the planet has the same opportunity that I’ve had, that my daughters have. And I want to make sure that all of you, here in the United States, are taking advantage of all the opportunities that you have as well. I want you to be that hungry to get your education because it is going to be the key to your future.”