This excellent article on highlights the outrageous hypocrisy by British tabloid papers, particularly ‘The Sun’, ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Daily Express’. OK these papers can be fun and light hearted, they have great entertainment pages with lot’s of celebrity gossip and of course are the bastions of sport reporting. But frankly they’d say anything to sell papers and they make huge profits misleading the nation with propaganda and spin that changes as quick as the British weather has this summer.

And it’s not only British tabloids, in Europe and all over the world, tabloids condemn one day and champion another, all for profit and influence over us! Nothing more, nothing less!

Here are a few extracts from the article that highlight the ridiculousness and the danger of these papers that are read and followed by so many people here in the UK.

‘British tabloids, which have been scaremongering about refugees for years, telling Britons to fear and resist any immigration and helping to drive the UK’s shameful anti-refugee policies, discovered their compassion for refugees on Wednesday when a small child’s body washed up on a Turkish shore.’

The Sun, which is famous for anti-refugee headlines such as “Halt the Asylum Tide Now” and “Draw a Red Line on Immigration or Else” is running the dead child’s photo on its Thursday cover with the headline “Mr. Cameron, Summer Is Over … Now Deal With the Biggest Crisis Facing Europe Since WW2.”

The Daily Mail, just in July, ran an anti-refugee front page with the headline “The Swarm in Our Streets.” Today, suddenly, it cares about refugees,

These anti-refugee headlines have consequences. As a result of the UK’s anti-refugee sentiment, the country has taken in only 216 Syrian refugees, and Prime Minister David Cameron has reassured voters he won’t take more than 1,000. (Germany has pledged to take 800,000 asylum applicants this year alone.) Last fall, the UK cut funding for the Mare Nostrum search-and-rescue operations that saved an estimated 150,000 people in one year, saying the rescues encouraged more people to make the crossing.

In the French town of Calais, just across the English channel, thousands of refugees are being prevented from crossing into the UK. According to one poll, 67 percent of Brits support deploying the British Army to Calais to keep the refugees out — something that the Sun has called for on its cover.

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